Facebook And Battery

Facebook has a lot of flaws but it is pretty great tool as well. On computer the flaws are not as bad. But if you have Facebook on mobile phone. You must know that Facebook and Battery are not the best friends. However there are few improvements you can made. I have some tips for you. First of all you must go to settings and probably the most battery consuming are tips based on your location. And you never used

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Facebook Invites

Everything about Facebook is changing. The things are not as they used to be. Where are all the times of Farmville and online poker which sucks. However, some things changed for the better. For example, Facebook invites are not problem as they used to be. If you remember on those Farmville days, you could have billions of invites every day. With the time this number thinned. And soon it will faint even more. Facebook will forbid invitations from games and

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Facebook Creator App

This article will be more suited for people who are interested in how to make content rather than seeking one. Facebook introduced one of earlier announced tools: Facebook Creator App. To consumer it is nothing you should be amazed by. However, for creators it is something like early gift for Christmas. This tool allows to add intros and outros in real time also there is new possibilities like adding frames and such foolish things. I cannot forget about new video

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