Top 10 Facebook Apps

There are huge number of Facebook apps that can improve your whole experience of social network. It is much bigger than just a tool for communication. It is probably for the good but privacy is way more vulnerable than anywhere in the past. But today I want to talk about apps that improve Facebook and vice versa.


  1. Facebook

Of course the best Facebook app is the full meaty app that is provided to everybody. Even before you buy your mobile phone there is Facebook. Biggest platform for sharing photos and as it seems right now. Also the most used video portal in the world. Just superlatives really. But can you be surprised that it is so good? If something have more than one and a half billion users it cannot be bad.


  1. ReverbNation Band

The second tip for Facebook apps will be mostly to the specific type of audience. If you are musician read carefully next few sentences. ReverbNation Band is Facebook app dedicated to musicians. Simple and easy way how you can promote your music. It is so excellent because you can also discover music from other artists. There are a lot of such portals but with ReverbNation Band you can easily share everything on Facebook. Promoting of your music have never been so easy. Tune in:


  1. Words With Friends

This Facebook app will make you happy if you like words and English language. Words With Friends is one of the simplest games you can find on the internet. And it is simple game known to masses under name familiar to everybody. Scrabble is the game you love or hate. I don’t think there is something in the middle. It is great because you can play it with any friends from all over the world. Play on:


  1. Video Calling

This Facebook app can be found in every chat you have. It is everywhere and if you use messenger you can be sure that you can use it. However if you use desktop version of Facebook you can struggle unless you have Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. You can simply call to every friend and have classic call but with addition of videos. This Skype technology can be used by anybody.


  1. SongPop

I hope you like music because this fifth Facebook app I want to recommend you is something just for you. If you are older than about twenty years old, you can remember TV shows where you should guess name of artist and also name of a song. SongPop works on precisely this basis. But that doesn’t mean that it feels old. No, you can spend days with it. And if you spend time with it you can be sure that you will find plenty of songs that suits your taste. Even if never heard them before. Check it on:


  1. Picasa Uploader

The last one was only for fun. But this Facebook app is way more targeted on function than fun. Picasa uploader does precisely what the name says. And for people who use Picasa in home for managing photos there is probably nothing better. Once you download this Facebook app you can use every Picasa tool to improve photos and then upload them to Facebook. it is easy as that. So every passionate photographer should visit:


  1. Ecwid

Are you business with clear plan? Do you want to make money and promote your stuff on Facebook? you should probably try Facebook app Ecwid. This app will guide you with your development. Ecwid is support to the little businesses. Because if you are little you will have their services for free. Once you grow you will be able to afford it.  Visit Ecwid on


  1. NetworkedBlogs

This one Facebook app is for you is you have surprise surprise a blog. Networked Blog is precisely for you. There are numerous features that can support your blog in the ways you never thought they are possible. And the best thing after that is possibility to share everything you write directly to Facebook. No wonder they have more than a million bloggers. Join them:


  1. Selective Tweets

I know that once Twitter was great enemy of Facebook but after a time. It is clear that Facebook and Twitter are not enemies. They can fill the gaps what the other makes. So it is nothing new that people use both of them. If however you love to use Twitter but you also want to upload your tweets to Facebook. there is Facebook app precisely for you. Selective apps share your tweets directly to Facebook you just need to use hashtag #fb. See more on:


  1. Minor Monitor

And the last Facebook app should be something safe. So I thing that security programme is the clear choice. Minor monitor is app that should provide you safety that can be expansive goods on Facebook. Just try it. You can always use it because it is for free.

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