A New Center to Response – Facebook Crisis

Facebook crisis – if you open – you will see the following tools when they are on a crisis page:

Safety Check: this is an easiest way to let your friends and family know you are safe. This feature will pop up at the top of each crisis page depending if you are in the affected area

Links to Articles, Photos and Videos: public posts which are related to the crisis can help people to understand and learn more about an ongoing crisis

Community Help: this is the place where people can ask and also help communities affected by the crisis

Fundraisers: if you want to help people affected by the crisis you can donate or support in many ways, also suitable for nonprofit organizations

When people recieve Safety Check notifications or learn that crisis has happened, they may not know much about the crisis. Starting today, people can post links to articles and videos and photos about the area and crisis in one place.

We hope this update will help us to provide more safety and help with you all people together.


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