Crisis Response on Facebook Part 1


We are happy to announce a new feature called Crisis Response. This is a new center on Facebook where people can find recent and more information about ongoing crises and also can access our crisis response tools – Safety Check, Community Help and Fundraisers to support crisis recovery – all in one place, no more confusing Facebook statuses and distressed information. Also, the part of this update is links to articles, as well we are also introducing videos and photos posted publicly on Facebook by random people to help people who are in direct danger to be more informed about a crisis.

Lets talk about what Crisis Response tool can do

Our team have developer a variety of crisis response tools, based on what we have learned from our community in recent years. Everytime there is a crisis as a natural disaster or a terror or something like that, people always use Facebook to let their close friends and family know they are safe and they share more about what is happening right at the scene. This is very efficient way how we can help the crisis to recover. Nowadays people on Facebook are able to access Crisis Response.

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