Cool on Facebook? No problem. Part one

Cool on Facebook? No problem. Have a life outside of Facebook

Yes this is the most important part paradoxically. Facebook is the way you keep others in your life when you need to contact them, not a way to create a life. Go out and have yours, in full dimension. Your Facebook friends aren’t real. They are just online, for real friends you need social interaction, not stacking up in a list. Don’t spend all your time on Facebook. Nobody is interested when you took a shower! To stay cool on Facebook, just be easy.

Avoid typical updates and seek the freak instead

It is not cool to share with your friends what you wouldn’t share in your real life face to face. It is not fascinating nor cool when you just let the entire world know that you are bored. Trust me. You also don’t have to post a new status everyday. Just be cool so your friends see you actually are cool!

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