Facebook Maternity

We live in an age of technology and internet. That means that you can be mentioned on internet even before you are born. In worse case even before you are conceived. Please if you want to write on Facebook that you will be making babies today. mark-zuckerberg-priscilla-max-today-151201-tease_d6339ef930296a7e544cb9f63b57cba8Please do not. However, there is great controversy about mothers on Facebook. Nobody have problem with them being there but showing that they have baby in the most mother way they can. Breastfeeding photos are hit right now but I do not understand it. Why would you want to show your whaleish body with almost nothing on you? Facebook has problem with it because it reminds pornography but that is pathetic. It is perfectly natural and it cannot be understood as a nudity. However, Facebook is under a lot of pressure because of it from every side.

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