Facebook Free Basics

Facebook Free Basics aka Internet.org is not some new kid on the block. Truly it isn’t and right from the start it was a hit in a way. Because if you do not have money to get internet and somebody will give you part of it for free.-sgE0LYXrGJJkhdpQYzx47j7FqQfNFx5WD62OI0L7FrJQWC2saicEAl7UhnV1K27J4A=w300 It can be understood as a charity. But not everybody sees it this way. Because roughly twenty services were given to people who do not know anything about Internet. Only that there are these twenty services. Swiftly Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg was under a lot of pressure and in some countries like India Facebook had to shut down. So even when you want to give people something they o not have you cannot because they won’t get everything. and this is kind of Facebook problem but maybe more problem of civilization.

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