Facebook it is not only one app. It grows every day and we are here to bring news about it!

Facebook Search

Nowadays Facebook is not only a social site. I probably mention this more often than I should. However it is a fact. At least it is not a social site but the social site. If you speak about this topic there is no chance that Facebook name would not be mentioned. But I will give you a hint. I wanted to go to pub with my friends. And in town where I study I know already a lot of pubs.

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Facebook Live

When you look on the portfolio of Facebook you can see whole world. No company on the world have so divided interests I believe. Or at least I have never heard of any.  From saving poor to controversial moves. But still Facebook is probably most used thing apart water and oxygen. So when few years ago Facebook started to be interested in videos we knew that this is going to be big. Soon most videos have been streamed from Facebook

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